Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to school, ehhh...

I'm in 6th grade ( Big deal). This new school year, despite mainly being review, is still a pain in the ass. I just finished mapping with almonds, but that was still a challenge. Usually, I just estimate the latitude and longitude numbers, but the hardest thing was keeping your almonds on the line of long and latt. Also, I just got an email from Gamestop to get some shiny legendary Pokemon (Yes, I am a die-hard Pokemaniac). The thing is I'm racing against time to do Scantrons (tests you do in the beginning of the year). The thing is if I finish the Scantrons before 4:30 today, I get to throw water balloons at the teachers at Community Day! I finished the Reading Scantron on Saturday, and then the website was down and acting up so I couldn't log back in to do the Math part. My mim thinks I have plenty o' time, but, I don't.



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