Thursday, September 5, 2013

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

This school year is taking R longer to get into the swing of things. Add to that doing the first week at his dad's, coming back for a week, then bounce! back at dad's again! Now he is home for a long stretch of three full weeks and we are combating not just the summertime blues, but the lack of consistency between the two homes.

There are lots of minor tantrums and lots of complaining - from both of us, I have to admit. We are also dealing with a heat wave and trying to adapt to a much smaller space for doing school. This week was a test for all of us and I am so glad the end is in sight.

I need to recharge and get a better grip on dealing with when R dawdles or wastes time. That is one of my biggest issues so far this year - everything he used to focus on and complete in a sensible amount of time can stretch for as long as three times longer to get done. It isn't that the work is difficult or that he doesn't understand, he is just being distracted by anything and everything. We need a way to deal with that before we both lose our minds.

Hopefully after a weekend without a million things scheduled will help us ease into next week.

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