Friday, December 16, 2011

Crunch Time

When Rile goes to his father's, I create lesson plans they can complete offline & still stay on track. Since it's Boy & Dad time, I save all the Science experiments for them to enjoy together. Since Dad isn't as sharp with the math facts, I juggle around units sometimes so they can have math to do without needing to both be scratching their heads or calling me to teach over the phone. The last time Rile was at his dad's was for over 3 weeks due to last minute schedule changes. When he came home, we were trying to get the routine back, I was sloughing through correcting the work done away from me and getting it all marked off on his On Line School (OLS). Throw in a sudden need to move & I am a little behind. Toss on that he has to have as much logged in the OLS as possible by Monday because we are putting in for a mid-year promotion. So what I had put on the back burner to do over the long Winter Break needs doing today & over the weekend.

The good news is he has done much of the work - just not the handful of math problems in each lesson which need to be done on-line to pass the lesson with Mastery. And since he wrote a NANO novel again, most of the composition was done in different forms. It's just a matter of time - time for him to do the on-line math problems & time for me to assess which elements & hence lessons he did in his novel or other writing to mark off.

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