Monday, August 15, 2011


began with the wonderful part for which I am ever sooo grateful ~~ we slept in until 10 am! then Little Dude & Eldest Daughter did some chores while I looked at our lessons for the day. It was a pretty light day; answering some Lit questions on a chapter of a book we read over the summer, an Art lesson about Leonardo (whom we already know soo well), the beginning of a Science unit on physical changes and a lesson on division with remainders which involved a few rounds of an online game. We took a 3rd grade Science pretest on Study Island & Little Dude only got one wrong.

I intentionally left him to his own devices with the Lit assignment & Math- I know he knows the stuff & how to write correctly. I wanted to see how much he was going to screw around after a summer off. I want to see how much actual one-on-one we are going to have to do this year. He should be better at this but we did just start backup. Math is still going on here - he is really dawdling. I am doing my best to not lose my patience already. Slow & steady is ok, Mama, it really is ok.

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