Saturday, August 13, 2011

mom bucks

hey guys! i wanna tell you about mom bucks. Mom bucks are this thing at my house where if you do chores you get mom bucks. if you get enough mom bucks, you get a prize! like:
15 mom bucks= watching a movie
30 mom bucks=30 minutes of video games
50 mom bucks=take-out choice
70 mom bucks= half a fun day
150 mom bucks=a full fun day
{{Fun days mean getting to play Wii or Plants vs. Zombies or DS on a weekend}}

i feel weird ever since we had mom bucks. in fact, i don't really like mom bucks. i think they are kind'a dumb. -rile

P.s. i don't like them because its like i have to do every thing but play video games.
and that's all for the daily "BLOG''.


Rile's Mom here ~ yup, Mom Bucks are here again!!! But this time, I am doing it up right; there are chore charts for everyone, there is a chore chart conversion table with values for each chore listed & there is a Mom Buck conversion table -which tells what can be earned with Mom Bucks. So far chores have been done, MBs earned and then MBs have been lost due to behavioural issues. My favourite item on all the lists is that both R & Eldest Sister have to pay me MBs if they do not complete all of their chores for the day!

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