Friday, August 12, 2011

End Of Summer

writing a blog sucks. i can't believe i have to blog 15 minutes every day. in the first grade, i had to write in a journal for 15 minutes.

what a boring day. i'd do anything, but write a blog. :c

anyways, i had a great time this summer. we raised 7 puppies. they brought them when they were 3 days old. i also went to the fair. my favorite ride was the Ferris Wheel.

i'm not sure if i'm ready this school year. i'm in the 3rd grade, and the #1 student. i got done with the 2nd grade the fastest.

wish me luck! ;D


Rile's Mom here ~ Yes, he is not thrilled about writing this blog, yet. A few years ago, he wrote in a daily journal & that was wonderful; he wrote short fiction & poems. I decided since I was going to be writing a daily blog, it would be a great exercise for him as well. He knows all about punctuation and capitalization, but I am going to do as his former writing teachers, and for now, just care that he wrote & that they are complete sentences, then slowly start making him edit the blog until he is writing properly as he should.

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