Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3rd day

hey guys.

it's the 3rd day of school. any who, i found my glow skulleltin head flashlight where you press the
button and it glows. I had to do math, history, grammar, Spanish, y es stufa. yo voy a l'escuela todos las dias. Which means, ''i go to school every day'' in Spanish. i usually do one week's worth of Spanish lessons a day. I'm about to finish the 3rd grade by the end of the semester. i'm studying about the age of discovery. today i learned about Bart Dias in 1434. did you know that back then salt y pepper was worth mucho? math is seriously getting hard. I'm studying ''long division'' which is once again really hard. At least i get to use base ten blocks to solve my math problems.

That's it for the daily ''Blog''.

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